National Aeronautics and Space Administration Planetary Protection Office

Missions that have been, are, or will be subject to planetary protection requirements are listed in the following sortable table. Missions prior to 1984 are listed using current category definitions, which includes the Pioneer, Mariner, Apollo, Rangers 1-9, Surveyor, Viking, and Voyager missions. International missions are also provided for reference purposes, including Chang'e-3, ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission, Mars Express, Hayabusa 1 & 2, Chandrayaan-1, and the ExoMars missions; for many of these missions the presumed planetary protection category is listed.

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Additional information is found on the NASA Science missions page.

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Category Planetary Body Mission Mission Status
II Asteroid Eros NEAR-Shoemaker Completed
II Comets Tempel 1 & Hartley 2 Deep Impact/EPOXI Ongoing
II Comets Encke, Schwassmann-Wachmann-3 and d'Arrest. CONTOUR Failed
II Jupiter Galileo Completed
II Jupiter Juno Ongoing
II Jupter/Saturn Pioneer 10&11 Completed
II Jupiter/Saturn/Heliosheath Voyager Ongoing
II Mercury (Venus fly-by) MESSENGER Completed
II Moon Chandrayaan-1/ISRO (M3) Completed
II1 Moon Chang'e-3/CNSA Ongoing
II Moon Clementine Completed
II Moon Grail Completed
II Moon LADEE Completed
II Moon Lunar Prospector Completed
II Moon Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Ongoing
II Moon Ranger 1-9 Completed
II Moon Surveyor Completed
II Pluto/Charon New Horizons Ongoing
II Saturn Cassini-Huygens Completed
II Sun Solar Orbiter Collaboration Planning Phase
Sun Ulysses Completed
II Venus Magellan Completed
II Venus Pioneer-Venus Completed
III (II-comet) Comet Borrelly Deep Space 1 Completed
III (II-comet) Comet C-G, Asteroid Lutetia Rosetta Ongoing
III (TGO), IVa (EDM) Mars ExoMars 2016/ESA: Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) & Entry, Descent, and Landing Demonstrator Module (EDM) Ongoing
III Asteroids Vesta & Ceres (Mars flyby) Dawn Ongoing
III Europa Europa Clipper Planning Phase
III1 Mars Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan)/ISRO Ongoing
III Mars Mars Climate Orbiter Failed
III Mars Mars Express/ESA (ASPERA-3) Ongoing
III Mars Mars Global Surveyor Completed
III Mars Mars Observer Failed
III Mars Mars Odyssey Ongoing
III1 Mars Mars Orbiter Mission/ISRO Ongoing
III Mars Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Ongoing
III Mars MAVEN Ongoing
III Mars Viking 1-2 Orbiters Completed
III Mercury, Venus, Mars Mariner Missions Completed
IVa Mars Deep Space 2 Failed
IVa Mars InSight Ongoing
IVa Mars Mars Pathfinder Completed
IVa Mars Mars Polar Lander Failed
IVa Mars Mars Science Laboratory Ongoing
IVa Mars MER Opportunity Ongoing
IVa Mars MER Spirit Completed
IVb Mars ExoMars 2020/ESA Planning Phase
IVb Mars Viking 1-2 Landers Completed
IVc Mars Mars Phoenix Lander Completed
V (restricted) Moon Apollo 11, 12, 14 Completed
V (restricted) Mars Mars 2020 Planning Phase
V (unrestricted) Asteroid 25143 Itokawa Hayabusa/JAXA Completed
V (unrestricted) Asteroid 1999 JU3 Hayabusa 2/JAXA Ongoing
V (unrestricted) Asteroid 1999 RQ36 OSIRIS-REx Ongoing
V (unrestricted) Comets Wild 2 & Tempel 1 Stardust NExT Completed
V (unrestricted) Heliosphere Genesis Completed
V (unrestricted) Moon Apollo 15-17 Completed
1. Presumed category.