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Below are links to publicly available documents related to planetary protection, astrobiology, and solar system exploration.

  • Documents are presented in either HTML or PDF formats (a free PDF viewer can be downloaded from Acrobat).
  • Many of the following reports are also summarized on this page, courtesy of Margaret Race from the SETI Institute.

NASA Online Library and Reports Server

NASA Planetary Protection Policy & Related Documents

  • If any links to a NPR, NPD, or NPI are no longer active, please directly search for the document in the NODIS Library.

International Treaties and Policies Regarding Planetary Protection

Communication Strategy for the Office of Planetary Protection

Life Detection, Mars Special Regions, & Mars Sample Return

Human Missions & Planetary Protection

Space Studies Board (National Research Council) Reports Regarding Planetary Protection and Astrobiology

Space Studies Board Reports Relevant to Solar System Exploration (National Academies of Sciences)

NASA Books & Documents related to Planetary Protection

Bibliographies of Planetary Protection (Quarantine) Research (1945-1977)